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  • Jacob Aere

San Diego County Unveils State Emergency Preparedness Program

Above: National City Mayor Alejandra Sotelo-Solis speaks on Listos California, the new plan to keep at-risk communities up-to-date with critical emergency information, Sept. 8, 2020. CREDIT: 10 NEWS

San Diego leaders unveiled Listos California, a plan to keep the most at-risk communities up-to-date with critical emergency information. The new resource program comes as National Preparedness Month gets underway and fires surge around the state.

National Preparedness Month is recognized each September to promote family and community disaster planning throughout the year. Supervisor Kristin Gaspar said each family should have a plan in an emergency situation.

“The state has created a five step plan called Listos California to help you assemble the necessary items you will need as well as mentally prepare you to take quick action, should the time come,” Gaspar said.

Fire season is no longer just a season in California, it is year round. Flames are currently ravaging every region of the state, including San Diego County. San Diego Cal Fire Chief Tony Mecham said this year’s fires have already caused significant damage.

“Currently there are 25 major fires burning in California, with one of those being here in San Diego,” Mecham said. “Over 2.2 million acres have burned, 3000 structures have been destroyed and most sadly is eight people have lost their lives.”

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Experts remind people to review their emergency plans in light of the COVID-19 public health orders, as more family members may be home during times they previously would have been at work or school.

Through Listos California, San Diego County received $20 million in state grants to help get emergency information to at-risk communities.

National City Mayor Alejandra Sotelo-Solis said communities like her own need to be informed and plan for natural disasters now and in the future.

“I am encouraging our working class communities, like mine in National City and South County, to get ready and make a plan for that unexpected emergency or disaster,” she said.

There are a number of preventative measures San Diegans can take to help keep their families, pets, homes and businesses safe. For more information on the five steps to prepare for emergency situations, go to

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